Who are we


We are Cees, Ilonka, Jennifer and Stephan v.d. Horst.

We live together with ur bulldogs in Almere, Holland.


In 2005 we have bought our first bulldog.

It was as if a dream came trough after all this time.

For years we wanted a bulldog

but somehow we never came to it.


We have dogs all off our life,

but our love for the bulldog has become an adiction.

After all this it went verry fast.


In march 2008 we became the owners of

 "La Vie en Rose v.h. Waterlandbulls", in may

that same year we welkomed "Bronco" and in septembre2008

 we also became the owners of "Frizzle Sizzle Kinibox" .


So when the bulldogfever hit us, we decided it would be nice

to start an English Bulldog Kennel


And so the name was there soon.

"From the Temptationbulls"


On 28 februari 2009 we officialy hearth that

we became a kennel.


Our bulldogs are living with us in our home.

We are a member of the EBCN and breath according to the rules

of the EBCN. That also means that all of our pups

 are sold with a contract of the EBCN.

They also get an FCI pedigree,

and all off our dogs, also the future pups, will be checked

by Dierenkliniek Sleeuwijk.


If there are any questions after visiting our site,

please contact us.